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Little Baby Luna

Lovely Talking - Dancing Cactus

Lovely Talking - Dancing Cactus

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Introducing the Lovely Talking - Dancing Cactus: the ultimate robotic toy for endless joy and educational value. This lovable cactus charges via USB and is made from safe, eco-friendly materials like soft pp cotton. It dances to the beat, sings in English, records your voice, repeats words back, learns your language, and more!

Perfect for interactive play or lively parties, its stylish design is unbeatable - both kids and adults will adore it! And, it's also cost-effective and environmentally friendly, running on rechargeable technology and easily replaceable carbon batteries. Prepare for a pleasantly surprising mix of learning and fun in your home with the Lovely Talking-Dancing Cactus!


Type 1/5/7/9/11: English Songs, Battery version, Sing 120 songs [Dancing+Recording+Lighting+Learning to talk]
Type 2/6/8/10/12: USB charging version, Sing 120 songs [Dancing+Recording+Lighting+Learning to talk]

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