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Little Baby Luna

Thermostat Bottle Warmer

Thermostat Bottle Warmer

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Get the ultimate solution for warm milk and easy feeding with the innovative Thermostat Bottle Warmer. It has three levels of temperature control, keeping your little one's milk at just the right temperature. The built-in heater core guarantees even heating, while the durable compound velvet material quickly warms the bottle. And thanks to the sticker opening design, it's not only user-friendly but also safe to use. It's compatible with various power sources, making it a must-have for any busy parent.

Material: Compound Velvet 
Size: app.14x28.5cm/5.51x11.22in 
Color: As the pictures shown 
Optional Style: Blue Dinosaur, Green Bear, Pink Squirrel 
Quantity: 1 Pc 

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